Perfume Making and Soap Making Classes

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Perfume Making $16pp

Create 3 of your own fragrances to take home! Learn "clean perfuming practices", "hang time" and the benefits of essential oils. Great FUN! ....for the newbie and the experienced "mixologist".

We will be learning about and using SD Alcohol 40-B, commonly found in most perfumes. We have 103 different Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils -What FUN to PLAY WITH!

$16 per person, ALL supplies INCLUDED. Take home your 3 perfumes! This is also available as a private 1-on-1 class or private group class. Call to schedule.

No students or guests under age 13 this time.

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Soapmaking from SCRATCH - Hot Process $30pp

Make and Take Soapmaking Class. Limit 1 student and 2 "auditors".

Choice of prices: 

1. THE Student, taking 4 bars of homemade soap home with you $30 - THINK CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!

2. "Auditors" (meaning you audit or watch the class) $10 per student, limit 2 auditors per class.

We will start the class by the student choosing a single scent for the soap batch and a single colorant.

"Riot gear" (protective gear) must be acquired by all students/auditors prior to start of class, as well wearing long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes to the class. THERE IS ONLY 1 STUDENT AND 2 AUDITORS PER CLASS. If you are THE student for the class, YOU will be supervised by the teacher as YOU MAKE THE SOAP. This is a very hands-on class (as are all our classes!). "Riot Gear" can be purchased at Home Depot. Photos/links to Home Depot's website are below. Estimated total cost for gear is just under $30.

I've found these to usually be available at the Home Depot on ISB:

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Soapmaking - Melt and Pour - NO LYE! $16pp

We will start the class by choosing a single scent for the soap batch and a single colorant. Once you have taken this class, you can come back later and make additional BATCHES of 4 bars for $14 and quantity discounts for 8 bars or more are available.

Make and take home 2 bars of Melt and Pour Soap $16

Body Oils, Bath Oils and Diffusing Oils Classes

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Body Oils and Bath Oils $16pp

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Diffusing Oils - Candle or Plugin Warmer Type $16pp

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MIXOLOGIST MAYHEM!!! .....and other Special Interest Classes

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Sugar Scrub Classes - Hanukkah and Christmas Editions $14pp

Part Perfume Making Class, part Sugar Scrub Class....Experiment with Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils and various Carrier Oils to create 5 different scents all your own!....THEN turn 3 of them into scented sugar scrubs: 2 unrefined (off white/tan) sugar scrub (3 ounces each) and 1 white sugar scrub (3 ounces).

$14 per student. Take home 3 scrubs you make.

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Grandma’s “Medicine” Chest $20pp

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Prayer Room Classes


NO More DRAMA! Learning how to deal with difficult people...

Learn biblical principles on dealing with “drama people”, how to recognize the personality types who choose to make mountains out of molehills. See “drama-loaded questions” as the precursors of who to avoid. Practice drama scenarios to re-condition your responses to lower your own stress levels.

The age-old, historical wisdom in the Bible is our key. Our Creator intended us to be “set apart” from this world, not to be stuck dealing with the “same old, same old” -always stressed and miserable.

Due to no call/no shows for previous classes, there is a nominal $5 charge for this class, refundable upon attending. (Sorry, we cannot refund Eventbrite fees.)

His wife got into the apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah...

Contemporary Messianic Bible Study

First and Third Tuesdays 5:30PM...sometimes at the Apothecary, sometimes at area restaurants. Call for details: 3eight6-301-6065.