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These are not Vegan due to either fragrance oils used or they are Melt and Pour soap. Melt and Pour enables small batches when Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils would make Soap from Scratch very pricey.  Our Melt and Pour (MP) are SLS Free (no sodium laurel sulfate, no sodium laureth sulfate, aka “foaming agents”/ detergents) which many find less drying and better for those who are sensitive and children.


Dark Patchouli and Sandalwood Soap $7/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

MP, Goat’s Milk and Glycerin.

Large Snowflake Mold

Natural Alkanet Root Powder Colorant

Dark Patchouli and Sandalwood Essential Oils

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil


Guest/Travel Soaps in Either Sandalwood or Dark Patchouli — 3 for $5

Sandalwood are clear glycerin; Dark Patchouli are Goat’s Milk, purplish from the Natural Alkanet Root Powder.

These can be cast in a variety of molds: Starfish (pictured), SeaLife, Small Hearts (pictured), Thin Snowflakes (pictured) and “mini hearts”.

More Fancy MP Soaps - To order call: (3eight6) 301-6065


Daytona Escape $5/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

Glycerin MP Soap

Yin-Yang Dolphin Mold

Blue Mica Colorant

Natural Chlorophyllin (chlorophyll) Colorant

Daytona Escape Fragrance Oil


Neroli (Orange Blossom) Soap $6/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

Goat’s Milk MP Soap

Medium Domed Heart Mold

Neroli is very, very expensive and we heavy-hand the fragrance. These bars are smaller to keep the cost down.

Pink Mica Colorant

Neroli Essential Oil and Neroli Fragrance Oil 


Bu++ Nekked $5.50/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

Glycerin MP Soap

Large Heart Mold

Natural Rose Clay Colorant (looks pink/orange)

Bu++ Nekked Fragrance Oil

This is also cast in SeaLife Guest Soaps and in “mini hearts”, both pictured.

Ylang Ylang & Chamomile Essential Oil Soaps


Ylang Ylang Extra, the Most Expensive Ylang Ylang $6/bar

Of all the Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang: 1, 2, 3, Complete and Extra, Extra is the most precious. Why? The FRAGRANCE is well.... beyond imagination. Try intoxicatingly beautiful...... I could almost get drunk on it... The bars are smaller, but well worth it, NO other Fragrance is used than 100% pure, Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil.  SLS Free Goat Milk Soap.

Goat Milk MP,  Smaller Mold, in pic, left.

Yellow Mica Colorant, Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil

To order call: (3eight6) 301-6065 

Guest Soaps aka Small Gifting Soaps (Shell Soaps in pic are also available. $2 each, set of 3 pictured $5.)


Chamomile Essential Oil Soap $6/bar

Pure Chamomile Essential Oil is the only Fragrance in this SLS Free Glycerin Soap.

Glycerin MP Soap 

Snowflake Mold

Yellow Mica Colorant 

Chamomile Essential Oil

To order call: (3eight6) 301-6065 


Ylang Ylang Extra & Chamomile Soap $7/bar

Pure Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang Extra and Chamomile are the only Fragrances in this SLS Free Glycerin & Goat Milk Soap. The scent of the Chamomile is a gentle undercurrent to the Ylang Ylang Extra - the best of both worlds for the indecisive!

Glycerin MP Soap 

Goat Milk MP Soap 

Snowflake Mold

Yellow Mica Colorant 

Chamomile Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil

To order call: (3eight6) 301-6065 

To order call: (3eight6) 301-6065


Watermelon-licious $5.50/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

MP, Goat’s Milk and Glycerin.

Large Domed Heart Mold

Natural Rose Clay Colorant (looks pink/orange)

Amethyst Mica Colorant

Natural Chlorophyllin (chlorophyll) Colorant

Watermelon-licious Fragrance Oil


Orchid Goat Milk Soap $6.50/bar

Goat Milk MP

Large Swirled Mold

Amethyst Mica Colorant

Natural Chlorophyllin (chlorophyll) Colorant

Sweet Orchid Fragrance Oil


Dragon’s Blood Goat Milk Soap — $5.50

Still in the testing phases. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available! Attempt #2, in photo. Smells great, same as last  “failed” batch, which sold out!  We’re having issues trying to get the colorant where I want it. :( The soap works and smells INCREDIBLE - it just looks funny. 🤪😜🤣

Update: as odd as it looks-WE’RE SOLD OUT AGAIN! For the “Trials and Tribulations” of trying to get the colorant on this soap correct, see our Blog: 


And, yes, you can order it- I just have no idea what color it’ll be! 🤣🤣🤣😜

Retro Throwback Soaps, Call to order: (3eight6) 301-6065


Hawaiian White Ginger 1970’s Retro Soap $6/bar

From the early 1960’s to the Mid-1970’s nothing could surpass the enticing scent of Hawaiian White Ginger. Floral, not ginger-y. Beautiful “white floral” scent. Exact match to the 1970‘s you remember (or wish you were old enough to....)

Goat Milk MP

Large Domed Heart Mold


Hawaiian White Ginger Fragrance Oil


Topaz ||Type|| and Fifth Avenue ||Type|| are in the works!

Our fragrance manufacturer has a wide variety of discontinued scent ||Type||s. Special Requests are welcome. Minimum 3 bar purchase in Melt and Pour; Minimum 6 bar purchase in Made From Scratch. Price determined based on Fragrance cost. Call for inquiry/order: 3eight6-301-6065 during normal biz. hours, EST.


Place holder pics are Florida Aloe Shea Soaps!

Yes, we sell these! I’m always working on the site; bear with me.... TY! ❤️

He-Man & Grimey Guy Soaps, Call to order: (3eight6)-301-6065

Pi-Rate Bay Rum & Pumice GRIMEY GUY Goat Milk Soap $6/bar

This was a Special Request from our Auto Mechanics and Other Grimey  Guys who shop here: give us a Pumice Soap that SMELLS GOOD! So, I said, “How about Bay Rum with a Goat Milk Soap.?” .....”WHOA, that sounds GOOD!” they all said. So, here it is.......

Goat Milk MP


Pirate Mold

”Natural” Color Mica Colorant

Bay Rum 2 (Spicy) Fragrance Oil


Custom Order Pumice Soaps — Minimum 6 bars

We can do them in ANY scent we carry.  Here are some suggestions to get you pondering.....

  • Bay Rum 1 (Sweet)
  • Austrailian Tea Tree
  • Daytona Escape
  • Sweet Black Love
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Nag Champa
  • Nag Champa & Patchouli
  • Sandalwood 2 (Arabian)
  • Incense Shop
  • Good Guy Scent/Ezra ||Type||
  • Surfer Dude


Good Guy Scent/Ezra ||Type|| Glycerin Soap $5.00/bar — 6 bars FREE USA Shipping

Glycerin MP

Large Rectangle Mold

Natural Chlorophyllin (chlorophyll) Colorant

Ezra ||Type|| Fragrance Oil

More GUY Soaps


Surfer Dude - in Seafoam Color Pattern $3/bar

Goat Milk MP

Tray Mold, corrugated cut, sometimes scraped for color effects

White part is COLORANT FREE

Mica Colorant in: Green, Blue & Black (black turns out gray when I use less!)

Surfer Dude Fragrance Oil

Travel bars are also available (narrow bars in rear of pic) $2 each, limit 2.


Surfer Dude - in Ocean Confetti Color Pattern $4.00/bar

It was an experimental batch, made from shavings of the previous Surfer Dude Seafoam Pattern. It SOLD FAST! ..so, now we sell it too!

Goat Milk MP

Smaller “Dogbone” Mold

White Goat Milk is COLORANT FREE

Colored Goat Milk using Mica Colorants in: Green, Blue & Black (black turns out gray when I use less!)

Surfer Dude Fragrance Oil in both the white and colored.


CLEARANCE EZRA ||Type|| Full & Travel Sizes

 GOAT MILK Good Guy Scent/Ezra ||Type|| Soap is on CLEARANCE/DISCONTINUED IN WHITE ...we’ll, it *was* Mica Blue, but it faded and SMELLS GREAT! ...but is now white. My loss, your gain! Call for details/inventory: 3eifht6-301-6065.

We will continue to make this in Natural Colorant Chlorophyll (Green) in Glycerin SLS Free Soap.

** “Incoming Tide” Soap Collection **


Coconut & Tropical Lime $6.99/bar — Envisions the approaching tide....

Cocoa Butter MP Soap

Glycerin MP Soap 

Large Rectangle Mold

Chlorophyll (chlorophyllin), natural colorant from plants.

Coconut #2 (sweet) Fragrance Oil

Bay Rum/Tropical Lime Fragrance Oil


$6.99/bar — 6 Bars Free USA Shipping

The soap seems to layer itself sometimes.....


Mmmmmm....we soooo want to eat it —but DON’T!

Whether you‘re headed to a day at the beach, or stuck it the Cold White North, the topical scent of the ocean becons, ”Relax, Mon!” when you lather up in this fine experience!

In “the Works”....


Spring Jasmine Soap

Test batch looks good! 

SLS Free Goat Milk.


Nag Champa

Still in the “idea” stage... would anyone buy it? ....What Mold? ....What color? Goat Milk, Shea, Cocoa Butter or straight up Glycerin? We’d love your input!


Vanilla Soap? Maybe not....

Every once in a while someone comes in the shop asking if we have Vanilla Soap, to which I respond: If we did; would you buy it? To which every asker sweetly responds, “No; just wanted to see if you had it!”

So, have I lost my mind, or is there a market for, “Vanilla Soap”? If you want some... I CAN make it! 😃💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽