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Eccentric Hippie Collection — Daytona Escape

Hair and Body Wash - Abba Simple 8 Ingredients + Fragrance  $6.50

Hand and Body Lotion - Abba Aloe Nature Lotion + Fragrance  $6.50

Mail order Special Buy: one of each  = 2/ $10.00 Save $3.00!

Ahhh.....I can smell Daytona from here..... A great scent for All!

2.7 oz. Travel Sizes

Larger sizes at a discount upon request. 

3eight6-301-6065 to order.

Eccentric Hippie Collection — Patchouli and Sandalwood

Test batches have turned out GREAT! Call to order.

True Sandalwood

Test batches turned out MMMMM SANDALWOOD!!! Call to order.

Main Product Lines

Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Test batches of Hair and Body Wash, as well as Neroli Aloe Nature Lotion turned out terrific! They should be available for sale by next week!

True Lavender

Not the cheaper “French Lavender” but Lavendula Officinalis aka True Lavender!

Long Stem Red

Smells like Long Stem Red Roses!

Coming Soon! — Dragon’s Blood

Test batches of Goat Milk Dragon’s Blood Soap are in process. Hair and Body Wash, as well as Hand and Body Lotion will be addded to this line. 

Possibly Sugar Scrub as well, if we get enough requests for it.

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